wwfchina-logo The official WWF for china has come under the sights of a hacker who was apart of the recent hacker collective GSec (Grey Security). The attack is on wwfchina.org and was carried out by @INST1NCT_ and announced on twitter. > @cyber_war_news World Wildlife Foundation, China - #Hacked By DarkWeb Goons. 80k+ user credentials released! darkwebgoons.totalh.net/leaks/wwf_db.t… — INST1NCT (@INST1NCT_) January 3, 2013

The leaked data has been uploaded to the Dark Web Goons site in the format of a txt file that contains over 80,000 accounts of which 54,000 have email:passwords and usernames. The Dark Web Goons is a new crew that has been kicked off by @INST1NCT_ in recent days. All accounts that have been leaked contain clear text passwords which appear to be in numeric format only. Its not the first time hackers have targeted WWF and im sure it wont be the last time either as time goes on more and more hackers are coming out and leaking data from all sorts of targets,