51 Sites Defaced, PSF.gov.pk Hacked & data leaked

vandathegod**Note:  ***You may also notice a range of names being used in these attacks which is raising some questions. At time of publishing Vanda declined to talk about these attacks. Some of the names are past known people such as LulzPirate and CosmotheGod.*Its clear this isn't Cosmo so it only leaves one other option. A hacker using the handle @VandaTheGod has recently been on a spree of defacement's on many different sites and a leak from the Pakistan science foundation website (https://psf.gov.pk) as well as defacing its blog which is now offline. The spree started on the 4th of jan and has since on a run of defacing sites and announcing them over social media. The sites that have been breached and left defaced range from Brazil and Pakistan government sites to company's from china and more. @VandaTheGod has also released a small dump of accounts from the PSF.gov.pk website for the Pakistan science foundation but its not the first time this site has been breached with 3 other archives already existing on ozdc.net by 3 other different hackers/groups. The Pakistan science foundation website's blog was also breached and defaced but at time of publishing the blog was not accessible. https-psf-gov_-pk-blog-failed-to-load The other defaced sites also appear to of been hacked or defaced in the past or since the attacks by VandaTheGod. The leaked data is in the format of emails  user names and encrypted passwords with 1 admin table and another table of users. Total accounts found with emails is 90. Complete list of sites breached at time of publishing 1. https://www.corbin-ky.gov/ restored
2. https://cantanhede.ma.gov.br/ restored
3. https://www.matrincha.go.gov.br/ redefaced by "**LulzPirate" **
4. https://cantanhede.ma.gov.br/ restored
5. https://www.abcpolitiko.com.br/noticias.php?id=37190 offline
6. https://www.sportniparkruse.si/ - redefaced by some one else
7. https://www.encimenci.com/index.html still defaced
8. https://www.another-group.com/index.html still defaced
9. https://pets.eduexam.cn/x.txt still defaced
10. https://www.glqf.com/x.txt still defaced
11. https://jwc.gztzy.edu.cn/x.txt still defaced
12. https://www.ejayanthi.com/x.txt still defaced
13. https://www.gblaw.com.br/x.txt still defaced
14. https://www.imobiliariaedileusa.com.br/  redefaced by some one else
15. https://www.transastra.com.br/x.txt offline
16. https://cartorioexpress.com.br/x.txt still defaced
17. https://www.optarh.com.br/xxx.txt still defaced
18. https://www.esaelvas.pt/xxx.txt still defaced
19. https://www.ufon.no/x.txt still defaced
20. https://www.weihuameter.com/x.txt
21. https://www.zybhshop.com/x.txt
22. https://www.goodbolts.com/x.txt offline
23. https://www.wyglzx.com.cn/x.txt
24. https://set.or.kr/x.txt offline
25. https://www.onglucesdelfuturo.cl/tmp/x.txt
26. https://www.sh-pingtan.com/x.txt
27. https://oe-keylab.lzjtu.edu.cn/x.txt
28. https://hqjt.hebeinu.edu.cn/x.txt
29. https://myweb.lsmz.com/x.txt
30. https://mywebsite.lsmz.com/x.txt
31. https://www.hngh.gov.cn/index.html
32. https://zztjj.gov.cn/
33. https://yr.csedu.gov.cn/x.txt
34. https://www.jzgh.gov.cn/x.txt
35. https://pnwh.puning.gov.cn/
36. https://r07.ldd.go.th/x.txt
37. https://www.nusaybin.gov.tr/
38. https://www.greia35.fr/
39. https://fisamaroc.org.ma/administrator/
40. https://web.co.desoto.fl.us/tmp/
41. https://www.co.desoto.fl.us/tmp/
42. https://www.cityofmarionil.gov/
43. https://psf.gov.pk/blog/vandathegod-lulzpirate-cosmothegod/
44. https://www.vansil.com.br//
45. https://moodle.etap.edu.pt/login/index.php
46. https://www.etap.edu.pt/
47. https://www.inthevicinity.co.uk/index.php?option=com_jreviews&Itemid=59
48. https://www.jf-vnmilfontes.pt/
49. https://www.jf-altodoseixalinho.pt/
50. https://www.jf-amora.pt/
51. https://www.jf-barreiro.pt//

Leak file: https://pastebin.com/wKg3Kkw8 Older PSF archives on ozdc.net 1. https://ozdc.net/archives.php?aid=4306
2. https://ozdc.net/archives.php?aid=2198
3. https://ozdc.net/archives.php?aid=3642

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51 Sites Defaced, PSF.gov.pk Hacked & data leaked
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