e26ef7b5c7bf48024a339dcc1541da9fUpdated: Since publishing there has been a lot of crying and flaming over this. After further lookin to the data it appears this leak could in fact be "fake" or  put simply not from anonops.com.  Many of the email accounts link back to Netherlands domains and a lot of the passwords are duplicated or common and the ID appears to also be a time stamp.So clearly put the article below is only a "claim" article which i admit i stuffed with first publish for not defining this was a claim only. I will not be removing the first publish as there is no point as what is published is always published.- Original Article - An Anonymous server was today breached and as a result data has been leaked. The breach comes from Game Over @ThisIsGame0ver who is pissed off with the fact some anons have been stealing leaks and media outlets have been labelling them as anon. Game Over has stressed the fact they are not any part of anonymous but they do take part in similar operations and hacks. The leaked data was announced not to long ago on twitter and comes from a anonops.com subdomain that is related to its live webchats. > People need to Stop Associating us with Anonymous. @officialanonops Hacked - pastebin.com/ppMj02Tb- #GameOver — GameOverVirus (@GameOverVirus) January 5, 2013

The actual leaked data is in the format of Encrypted passwords, emails and user ID's. The data is said to be that of the live current users at the time of the breach. The leak comes with a clear message for anonymous hacktivist.

People keep fucking Associating us with Anonymous. We sympathise with a number of the AnonOps operations and have even been willing participants in a few. BUT We are not Anonymous. We are not Legion. We are Game Over. This is Game Over. Here's proof we ain't no moral fags. 1,000+ "Anonymous" Associated Accounts via Anonops.com Yeh, we've just pissed off the Hive.. If you wish, you can come @ us bro.. but trust me, you don't want to anger our group of Runescape players! We've got my gold then a Drug Dealing Leprechaun bitches!

All together there is 1,177 accounts leaked and all have been processed by ozdc.net On another note Game Over has released information for 5 sites cpanels, one of which is a well known motorbike rider stefano manzi. > frostybooter.net #GameOver — GameOverVirus (@GameOverVirus) January 5, 2013

Leaked sites: https://pastebin.com/UJqg18CR Leaked Anonops.com: https://pastebin.com/ppMj02Tb