sislogo @OfficialNull has come back to the public light today with an attack on a DHS sub domain ( for the Study in the states websites. > The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) launched the Study in the Statesinitiative to enhance our nation’s economic, scientific and technological competitiveness by finding new ways to encourage the most talented international students to study and learn about expanded post-graduate opportunities in the United States. more

The @OfficialNull twitter account earlier posted the leak which has been posted to pastebin. > US Dept. of Homeland Security: @youranonnews @thehackersnews @anon_central @anonopslegion @ehackernews @anonymousirc — NullCrew (@OfficialNull) January 5, 2013

The leak contains a wordpress configuration setup as well as server data, administration login and the exploitable URL that allowed this breach to happen. Considering the DHS is meant to specialize in security its any wonder why they are using what is clearly a exploitable older version of wordpress.