A hacker who is apart of the collective Dark Web Goons, @irBreShiE a few days announced a leak from a breached website, how ever that leak was removed almost instantly by pastebin administration and no cache was left. Since then @irBreShiE has uploaded it again which has given me a chance to check it out. The leak comes from womvegas.com which is a privately owned and operated site that offers many aspects of services and information. @irBreShiE has also stated that the leak only contains 3,000 of the total 40,000 accounts obtained from the womvegas.com server.

This Is Just The Beginning. This Is Just The First 3k All 40,000 Details Coming Soon

The leaked data was in the format of first names, last names, emails and clear text passwords, Also Dark web goons have claimed to find a 0 day in Nginx and have warned that more is to come soon and that people are yet to see the real power of them.

We have found a vulnerability inside a recent Cloudflare-ngnix server/s. Within the next 2 weeks, you will see just how powerful we actually are.

Full statistics for the leaked data so far is just under 3,000 found emails. Full archive here Source: Pastebin