logo @DArkWebGoons have been at it again tonight with another release of data from Atlanta Performs (www.atlantaperforms.biz) Atlanta Performs is a non-profit org and it has been breached and its complete user tables for the sites users, wordpress users. > Atlanta Performs (AP) is the nonprofit service organization working to support and promote greater Atlanta's theatre, dance, music and film arts. AP was founded in 1984 by arts leaders from across the region, to connect the performing arts field both as a community, and an industry.

The leak was announced on twitter from the @DarkWebGoons and has been posted to a site the dark web goons use for hosting leaks (goonsdata.totalh.net). > AtlantaPerforms.biz - #10k+ Users #Leaked #DWG - [goonsdata.totalh.net/atl.txt] @cyber_war_news @hackread @zer0security — DarkWeb Goons (@DarkWebGoons) January 12, 2013

In the leak file comes a fairly disturbing message which shows how hacking is changing in a major way.

None of you are safe, none of your web servers are secure enough to withstand us. We will come for you, you will feel the emence power of our members. We are Black Hats, we are not careless, but nor do we give a shit.

Format of the leaked data comes in various tables that range from mailing lists, user tables, forum users and server users. Total emails found was just under 7,000 when duplicates removed. All passwords are encrypted. Source: ozdc.net