logo A hacker using the handle @AnonVoldemort has announced a leak that comes from a large online game based in Lithuania. The game is named Miestukarai (Miestukarai.lt) and describes it self as "Browser game where you represent your home town. Fight for it!". The leak was announced on twitter and has been posted to pastebin and privatepaste. > Miestukarai game online +24.000 accounts free and Premium pastebin.com/WW6bZUf6 — Voldem0rt (@AnonVoldemort) January 12, 2013

The leaked accounts are said to be free and premium accounts although no doubt once the admin figures it out they will stop anyone accessing the premium accounts which have been breached. The leaked data was on privatepaste in the form of 9 posts each of which contains a few thousand usernames, emails, ips and encrypted passwords. All together 24,480 of which 15k are gmails and many others are .lt based. All data has been processed by ozdc.net Source: Pastebin