district-police-okara Game Over aka @ThisISGame0ver has been on a spree the past few days and some of them are related to #OpSlaughterHouse. The latest site to be breached is a Pakistan police site for Okara Police (https://www.okarapolice.com/) and as a result of this Personal details from police officers have been published. Its not the first time this site has been under attack either with a breach in 2011 but then it was only a minor breach. The attack by Game Over has left a large amount of contact details, address, names, phone numbers and duty points as well as district details and more published on a pastebin hosted by ubuntu servers but are not in English language. It has also seen a few administration details leaked which have been logged by ozdc.net. The admin details are almost laughable as some use the same name as password which is just terrible for a police website. Game over also appears to be looking at Australian police to which Victoria police servers scan being released as well, nothing critial or useful here thou. here