policeone-com_logo Hacker Game Over aka @ThisIsGame0ver yesterday announced a leak of data from a American based online police store and information source Policeone.com in the name of #OpSlaughterHouse Since then it came to my attention that the data leaked appeared to be generated by a script or similar. After doing much research and throwing many questions around i can confirm these did in fact come from the policeone.com database.

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Game over has explained that there was over 50,000 accounts and the 900 or so that leaked were just a small lot extracted from the breached database. Funny enough the data was extracted via a "secure" subdomain which is not so secure it seems. So what it appears that besides lack of security on the site they also have a issue with spam accounts being created or they have entered a whole heap of obtained data to make member numbers appear larger but either way its shocking that a site that speaks so highly of it self does this. The attack has been carried out as a part of a current operation dubbed #OpSlaughterHouse and was posted to pastebin.com. The leaked data contains 927 accounts that contain user names, emails and passwords which are encrypted. Source: Ozdc.net and pastebin.com