Australian prime minister Julia Gillard today has announced a cyber security and safety program that is in partnership with social media giants Facebook, Google, Microsoft and yahoo. The program is named bCyberwise and funny enough the plan doesn't mention twitter but twitter was used by the PM's team to announce it. > Launching bCyberwise which will teach 620,000 kids cyber safety. @[mcafee_apac]( TeamJG []( "") — Julia Gillard (@JuliaGillard) [January 16, 2013](

Full transcript of the announcement can be found on the pm's website. Announcement from SSO ( Stay safe online from the australian government) > 16 January 2013 Government and social media providers get together on cyber safety On 16 January 2013, the Prime Minister announced a new agreement with Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo to handle complaints and antisocial behaviour on social media sites. The Protocol commits these organisations to: set out clear guidelines for acceptable use of social media undertake education and awareness about appropriate behaviour online have a robust process in place for reviewing and acting on any complaints have a single point of contact for government It is an important step in encouraging online safety for the Australian community. The Protocol is a response to the 2011 Interim Report, High-Wire Act: Cyber-Safety and the Young. It is also intended to support the popular Easy Guide to Socialising Online, which provides information and advice to families about how to safely navigate many popular social networks. The complete protocol document, Cooperative Arrangement for Complaints Handling on Social Networking Sites is available at: []( cybersafety_plan/#resources) [ cybersafety_plan/#resources]( cybersafety_plan/#resources) The Stay Smart Online Alert Service also works with these organisations to provide information and advice about specific issues, on which you can act to improve your safety. More information The joint media release from the Prime Minister and the Acting Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy is available at: []( cybersafety_plan/#resources) [ cybersafety_plan/#resources]( cybersafety_plan/#resources) The Department for Broadband Communications and the Digital Economy’s Cyber Safety Plan is available at: The Easy Guide to Socialising Online is available at: