construction-com_logo A giant in the construction game, McGraw-Hill Construction has come under the sights of hackers from @DarkWebGoons who have left over 10,000 personal credentails leaked online from the Company's main site ( >  **McGraw-Hill Construction **(MHC), part of The McGraw-Hill Companies, connects people, projects, and products across the design and construction industry, serving owners, architects, engineers, general contractors, subcontractors, building product manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, distributors, and adjacent markets.

The leak happened about 20 hours ago and was posted on the Web goons twitter account. > #Hacked => DB Leak:… #DWG @cyber_war_news @hackread — DarkWeb Goons (@DarkWebGoons) January 15, 2013

The leak has been uploaded to a "goonsdata" site used for hosting leaks. It comes in the format of a html file with the below message followed by 10,484 accounts.

Get off the internet. Now. Either that, or gain some knowledge. Security is just an illusion, my dear friends. The database is really big. Thanks for leaving exploits :) And to think that you're supposed to be about education? You can't even handle your own business without being taken over. Maybe you should go back to school for internet security. Real security. Make sure it's not from your own employees. Obviously your company knows nothing about the world. McGraw-Hill is nothing. You gave the knowledge away. Only to be turned against you. Fake ass company if you ask me. Your database has been compromised.

The accounts contain usernames, emails, address, contacts and sadly clear text passwords. Archive on