headder Game Over has been at it again, this time @GameOverVirus has tipped us off to an attack that happened a few days ago which has resulted  in shame for Sri Lanka Media Centre For National Security (MCNS) website (www.nationalsecurity.lk).

MCNS, the brainchild of President Mahinda Rajapaksa comes within the purview of Defence Spokesman for the Government and Secretary, Ministry of Defence, is administered by the Director General of the MCNS. Media coordinators of all three Armed Forces, Police & Special Task Force, attached to the Joint Operations Headquarters (JOH), liaise with field formations and work round the clock to ensure speedy collection and dissemination of information.

The attack appears to of happened around the 10th and sadly the effects can still be seen on the site with defacement still live, main site showing maintenance notice and other links to downloads on the server still working. msnc freezepage-gameover The downfall of the Media Centre's site is due to the fact they have made a silly choice to use a software named cute news as the way of publishing news. Now the fact a national security news website is using this software does not really say to much for the experience of the people hired to build it for them as in the past we have seen smaller scale attacks like this lead to much larger and more embarrassing attacks for Governments around the world. The leak has been published in the format of a txt file with the full configuration file of cute news as well as a list of users that contain usernames, emails and encrypted passwords as well as other server information. Full archive on ozdc.net Deface paga on nationalsecurity.lk or mirror on freeze page