fgh The on going cyber war between India and Pakistani hackers has left a further 80 sites hacked The attack comes from Pakistani hacker using the handle  Pakistani hackers crew, Hasnain Haxor and has been uploaded to pastebin and hack-db as mirrors. The defacement comes with the below message and a funky script that turns the page around when first loaded. Not all sites are still defaced at time of publishing but some are. Complete list of sites on pastebin or hack-db fghf

We are P4K!$74N H4X0R$ CR3W I AM READY TO LEARN ! I AM READY TO TEACH WHAT I LEARN! I AM READY TO GIVE MY BLOOD TO MY NATION ! I AM A PAKISTANI ! I WANT PEACE & FREEDOM OF KASHMIR ! FREE MUSLIMS FREE THE HUMANITY! REALITY IS I AM ONE OF THOSE WHO LOVE ALL HUMANITY ! I WORK AS ANONYMOUS BCOZ I LIKE ANONYMITY ! FREE KASHMIR, FREE ALL THE MUSLIM NATIONS ! ALL THOSE BAD ASSES OVER THERE ! I HATE YOU YES YOU! WHO DON'T RESPECT OTHERS & DONT KNOW THE PRICE OF A SINGLE LIFE BODY OR BLOOD ! PEACE IS BETTER FOR ALL ! FIGHT IS THE HELL FIRE FOR ALL ! ALLAH BLESS YOU ALL WHO R BAD OR GOOD ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AND ATLAST ! I WANNA SAY THAT SECURE YOUR ASS DUMBASS !!! PAPA MAY MAKE A VISIT AGAIN ;) =================================================== To Catch Me You Gotta Be Fast!!... To Trace Me You Gotta Be Smart!!... BuT to be ME , You Gotta be Kidding!!... ============================================= Don't Forgot Your Intelligence is our common sense! We are The P4K!$74N H4X0R$ CR3W A Pakistani Hackers Group Anything 4 Pakistan Pakistan Zindabad...!!!