A security services website, Vigilant Pro Private Security Services (VPPSS.com) has just been breached and left defaced. The attack announcement came from the hackers twitter account @IonCuber and the defacement carried a clear message that the website had failed security.

@cyber_war_news @thisisgameover @youranonnews @breakthesecurity vppss.com HACKED.Top Private Security #OpSlaughterHouse #NuLLZ0nE — IonCuber (@IonCuber)

The attack has been carried out in the name of OpSlaughterHouse which was kicked off last week by Game Over against all kinds of law enforcement around the world. top-private-security-services-private-security-firm-at-vppss-com_ The defacement message is as below and at time of publishing it was still on the sites main page. > > Welcome to Vigilant Pro Private Security Services -= [Hacked By SwagMeister] =- Woops I got root! D3f4c3d by [ SwagMeister, Shadow - NuLLZ0nE ] -- Message -- Hello "Private Security" Some of you may not know us, we run the Internet. You have stepped into NuLLZ0nE and this, is, Game over. For too long the Police have abused their powers and so called “rights” to abuse and harm civilians for no other reason then to silence the people and keep the voices of the Corrupt STRONG. BUT you did not plan for us, we are not your average Anon-fag, we’re MUCH MUCH more… We have access to more then you can imagine and we will not be stopped. We’re going after your databases, your financial establishments, your unions, your forms of communication and SO MUCH MORE. So, now you know you are not secured. Secure your website. Otherwise, i'll arive again. /===\ -:We Are:- - SwagMeister aka IonCuber & Shadow - NuLLZ0nE - ==/ I am SwagMeister! SwagMeisters Twitter