logo_ccidefrance The french websites for the Network of Chamber of Commerce (www.cci.fr) has been hacked by Tunisian Cyber Army @TN_cyberarmy. The hackers first started of with an announcement that they had discovered a SQLi point on the site and posted a screen cap of it. > #SQLI discovred by #tunisiancyberarmy on france chamber of comerce @zataz @cyber_war_news @ehackernews @pentester_1996 twitter.com/TN_cyberarmy/s… — TunisianCyberArmy1(@TN_cyberarmy) January 27, 2013

bboueyrciaadobl Not long after they had posted a announcement that a sub domain for the CCi.fr website had been breached and was now defaced. > #france #CCI subdomain hacked by #tunisiancyberarmy for #opmali littoral-normand-picard.cci.fr @cyber_war_news @zataz @ehackernews — TunisianCyberArmy1(@TN_cyberarmy) January 27, 2013

The attack has left only one sub domain (https://www.littoral-normand-picard.cci.fr/) defaced which normally hosts information for the awards in Picardy service. 5tuql4 The attack access the site of being a terrorist supporter but carry's no other message and was still defaced at time of publishing. The same hackers have also announced that the french national airport site has a exploit on it as well and have done similar by posting a image. bbopgarcyaaurou The airport breach is on the Tours subdomain of the main site (https://tours.aeroport.fr).