buyway_header Last week we made report that a hacker who has been extorting company's to prevent data leaks was trying that on Buy Way. @RexMundi_Anon had given Buy Way, the finical credit company until Saturday the 26th to respond to a 20,000 EURO ransom for prevention of 580 credit loan applications being leaked. On Saturday Rex tweeted the following tweet stating that a company had contacted them in response to this and had offered to by the data. > Yesterday, we received an offer from a Belgian company to purchase Buy Way's data. We will therefore not release it to the gen public. — Rex Mundi (@RexMundi_Anon) January 26, 2013

As you can see Rex Mundi has now said they are not leaking this data.. At time of publishing this i still can not get a confirmation on which company is said to of purchased this data and even more strange is that there appears to be no confirmation from Buy Way that this data even existed besides the original pastebin link being removed which is often what happens when it is true data.