logo_ccidefrance A few days ago i did a report on the French Network of Chamber of Commerce website being hacked and left defaced. Since then the same hacker  @TN_cyberarmy. has announced a data leak from the website. > @zataz cci.fr #data leak by #tunisiancyberarmy pastebin.com/gA07DYE3 @cyber_war_news @pentester_1996 @hackread @ehackernews #opmali — TunisianCyberArmy1(@TN_cyberarmy) January 29, 2013

The data leak was given hint to a few days ago when @TN_cyberarmy twitted "@zataz well expect also a data leak soon for 3 #UNsubdomain :) by #tunisiancyberarmy". The leak has been posted to pastebin and contains list of databases, MySQL administration credentials and user credentials with emails, usernames, passwords and other site related data. At time of publishing it appears that the website (https://www.littoral-normand-picard.cci.fr/) that got defaced and allowed this SQLi to happen is current showing a 403 forbidden status when requested in the browser. 403-forbidden Source: ozdc.net and pastebin