An anonymous based hacker collective calling themselves AnonGhost have been on a spree of defacement's since the start of the year with the latest being 90 Portuguese websites. The sites are all based in or content related to Portuguese and the defacement contains the common layout that we often see from AnonGhost. The defacement has the above video embedded as audio only which was created by AnonGhost late 2012 and titled Message to NATO. ![hacked-by-anonghost]( Anonghost is a collective of hackers with the following handles. 1. Mauritania Attacker 2. Virusa Worm 3. X-Line 4. SpitFir3 5. Ouali Bouziad 6. Man Sykez 7. Deto Beiber 8. crash bandicot 9. K4C3 Undetected 10. Sky Lion 11. Kais Patron 12. bforcex

Past attacks can be found on several defacement archive sites. -

At time of publishing all sites still appear to be defaced and an complete list of sites can be found on pastebin here.