National Association of Federal Agents Defaced For #FFF

hacked-by-anonymous #FFF Is well known in the information security and hacker scene with it being closely associated to Anonymous and antisec operation from late 2011. Over the past months/year there have been many attacks and one of the latest that has been dubbed part of #FFF ( fuck FBI friday) is on the National Association of Federal Agents information website (

Founded in 1977, the National Association of Federal Agents is a non-profit, non-partisan legal service organization. Membership is open to the following groups: First, all current, retired, former, and future U.S. Treasury special agents, including those from IRS-CI, TIGTA, Treasury OIG and others, are eligible.

The attack has left the main page of the website with a new look that contains links to some twitter searches related to #FFF, #OpWCIT ( Op Last Resort) and of coarse #Antisec as well as a link to @PublicAnonNews. At time of publishing the attack was a few 5+ hours old and the site was still currently defaced but the deface has only effected the main index with all links to other sub pages still working

Lee Johnstone

Lee Johnstone

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