american-express-logo1 @TN_cyberarmy has just contacted us and other media sites announcing a exploit on the main American express website which allows access to data. The attack is on and i can not disclose the vulnerable link but i can provide a simple proof of concept and i can confirm this is in fact exploitable and the said data is readable which totals over 2GB but so far has not been touched or leaked to my knowledge. On twitter @TN_cyberarmy has announced the following which gives insight that they might of downloaded the 2GB of data already. > #binGo #another @americanexpress website under attack with simpl injection we got over than 2 GB of data#tunisiancyberarmy — TunisianCyberArmy1(@TN_cyberarmy) February 23, 2013

Earlier they had made the first announcement that american express had been breached. > [#americanExpress]( [#vul]( for simpl injection [#expect]( the [#bigest]( data leak soonby [#tunisiancyberarmy]([hackread]( @[thehackersnews]( @[ehackernews]( — TunisianCyberArmy1(@TN_cyberarmy) [February 23, 2013](

They have provided a screen cap of one of the exploit proof of concepts. amex> basic error as seen from the exploitable url.

Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a0005'Invalid procedure call or argument: 'mid'/shared/business_advantage/japan/include/scripts/scut.asp, line 38

The attack is not the first time American express has been targeted by hackers but it is one of the first times it has been exposed as having such exploits. It also adds another name to the list of high profile targets that have been attacked by various hackers so far this month.