This weekend has seen the coming of yet another Anonymous based operation that has now left many sites being victims of cyber attacks. The attacks have been carried out in the name of OpBigBrother and more so #IDP13 or International day for privacy which was set for the 23rd of Feb 2013. Many of the targeted sites are sites for company's and business but some are government and education based sites from Italy and Poland totalling 20 sites of which 4 are defaced and 16 have been leaked. [![opbigbrother](]( The defacement is common and contains the above video for IDP13 and a statement about #opbigbrother and another video titled [emergency alert about worldwide surveillance]( The attacks are being carried out on the same day as a lot of planned protests are taking place across the world and all the database leaks come with a reminder message of this. > Today, as #IDP13, we'll support offline actions and leak some informations about website which are supposed to work on security and protection. What is surprising : how can they protect people if their db belong to us ?? Good question, isn't it ?

The sites that have had data leaked range from Swedish, Taiwan, Greece and of coarse America and are mostly on CCTV based resellers or security firms. The leaked data contains a lot of database related information such as tables and rows and structure layouts as well as administration and or user login credentials with emails, usernames and passwords. Sadly not all passwords are being encrypted leaving them easily readable and these are linked to many other company's which have used some of the breached sites services. ### Defaced sites:

  1. - archive
  2. -  Archive
  3. - Archive
  4. - Archive

### Data leaks

  1. CCTV reseller - Archive
  2. CCTV reseller - Archive
  3. Security reseller - Archive
  4. CCTV reseller - Archive
  5. CCTV reseller - Archive
  6. CCTV reseller- Archive
  7. CCTV reseller - Archive
  8. CCTV reseller- Archive
  9. - Royal Bhutan Police - Archive
  10. - CCTV reseller - Archive
  11. - MSJ Security Systems - Archive
  12. Khiansa police Station - Archive
  13. - CCTV reseller - Archive
  14. - EYESCAN Security Systems - Archive
  15. Security Systems - Archive
  16. - Manufacturer and integrator of videorveillance in planes and UAV - Archive

Opbigbrother statement as on defacement's:

OpBigBrother Anonymous message to Worldwide Governments, Evil Corporations and Public Service System We are Anonymous, for too long your vile actions have lead to corruption, fear, greed, anger, wars, mass-killings, death, censorship, hate, propaganda, unfair justice system, and finally the complete denial of Human Rights. We made your secrets revealed to the public several times. Therefore you plan to shutdown our action. We notice you are about to use technology to design a worldwide network of surveillance and a hidden network to keep your secrets out of hands. You made those systems both based on nodes to protect yourself from Anonymous attacks and to shutdown every form of protest that uprose those years on the Internet and real life. We know you fear us, we also know you think you can stop us. Time of summations is over, prepare to suffer our full power Before surveillance avoid liberation of our species, we act now. The Hive will blow you up way before you make it collapse. Anonymous has decided to engage the largest ever worldwide, coordinated cyber protest and attacks against governments, corporate and law enforcement websites, databasis and systems all on behalf of freedom. Information equals Power Time has come to expose the corrupts and to punish them. Your sheeples are about to wake up. We'll give the final spurring to make it happen. Human begins are not numbers, no one has the right to enslave others Evolution is our destiny. Freedom, privacy, justice, equality, and love are a few components of our DNA and well beyond components of our Planet, components of the Universe. That's why all your grim aims are about to be relayed to the past. THAT'S WHY YOUR EVIL GAME IS OVER We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not Forget. We do not Forgive. Expect Us.

There was probably a lot more sites targeted in this attack but i personally couldn't track them down for now. Source: Pastebin