A hacker using the handle Jack Riderr has posted a paste to pastebin that includes a list of sites that have been breached which all come from Australian web hosting provider Uber Global The sites list is made up of mostly Australian sites with some from New Zealand and some other dot com (.com) based sites. The attacks appear to be recent as most of the targets are still defaced at time of publishing. Most of the targets are registered company's/business within Australia that range from age care facility to pubs. All the sites appear to come from Uber Global which is an Australian based web host and all the Australian sites are hosted on shared hosting located in Canberra. The defacement was in a simple format taking the style of a very basic blogger layout with a terminal style script running some pre set text to the website administrators. jack-riderr The defacement also had a embed youtube video titled "[John Dreamer - Brotherhood (Epic Dramatic Uplifting)](<iframe width=)". ?autoplay=0"> Appears that the hacker JAck Riderr is also using facebook to post the defacement's as well as Zone-h and hack-db which have around about 900 archives of past defacements.

  1. https://www.kohdesmond.com/
  2. https://mile.org.sg/
  3. https://www.thebullandbear.com.au/
  4. https://www.evawell.com/
  5. https://zaxallkars.com.au/
  6. https://www.serversinseconds.com.au/index.php
  7. https://rosecourt.net.au/
  8. https://sinter.co.nz/
  9. https://www.julian-chung.com/
  10. https://beckyxumakeupartist.com/
  11. https://mariapanteli.com/
  12. https://www.lizandrob.co.nz/
  13. https://relentlessforwardpursuit.com/
  14. https://jjkeith.net/
  15. https://www.irlmedia.com.au/
  16. https://tahiros.com/
  17. https://dreamtreehealing.com.au/
  18. https://omgtoomuch.com/
  19. https://mosmoliving.com.au/
  20. https://www.joelevans.com.au/
  21. https://www.hennotruckandplant.com.au/
  22. https://paulabarrett.com.au/
  23. https://www.rarg.co.nz/
  24. https://www.fonedroid.com/
  25. https://www.divethecanterburywreck.com/
  26. https://reveracing.com/
  27. https://churchillretreat.com.au/
  28. https://www.cehsa.com.au/
  29. https://southerncrossdota.com/
  30. https://philandjules.com/
  31. https://www.infiniteink.com.au/
  32. https://adelaidehearing.com/
  33. https://thehairspray.net/

source: https://pastebin.com/8AutXKFk