bank_of_america Anonymous vs Bank of america aka boFa has been a on going battle the past few years and now anonymous has struck back with a huge release of logs and evidence that ties a lot of the research and Intel gathering that bank of America has been doing on them. The data, depending where you are located was announced on the 24th/25th of February 2013 and first came in the format of "teaser" release files that contained personal information from staff at TEKsystems who anonymous says is being hired by Bank of America to watch and infiltrate them. > Copy This b4 It gets taken down, Bank of American Spying On People [Mega Teaser Copy] #Anonymous #OWS #Wikileaks — AnonymousIRC (@AnonymousIRC) February 25, 2013

It appears that all the teasers have since been removed  but in total there 10 teaser files, 7 main and 3 extra then the announcement that the leak was coming was made. > Coming soon: the whole pack of Bank of America's intelligence reports #Anonymous #OWS #Wikileaks #dong — AnonymousIRC (@AnonymousIRC) February 25, 2013

content/images/gallery/teksystems/tek.jpgAnonymous have made the claim that TEKsystems is being hired by Bank of America for some time now and it even goes on to explain and show logs of well known IRC and twitter users be listed as TEKsystems employees or other. > TEKsystems is a subsidiary of Allegis Group, the largest private talent management firm in the world. Through our IT staffing solutionstalent management insight and suite of IT services, we make it easier to get IT done. Our longstanding history and industry-leading position speak to our success in helping clients meet their business targets. more

The archive contains hundreds of files and its going to take some time to get a decent report out to show what exactly is going on and to be able to confirm all the claims by Anonymous. Anonymous have uploaded the information which totals 266 MB compressed and 319 MB when uncompressed to well known site with the following press release statement.

Welcome to our special #BungaBungaBoABoA special edition Teh Utterly Lulz jackhammerbuttraeps Bank of America countdown for tutu and shoe on the head started. Bank of America, sorry you started this shit alone on you. Anonymous are revealing details that implicates the Bank of America with spying on the public, a topic normally associated with the FBI and CIA. yep fucking creepy shit... Under the guise of business intelligence and fraud prevention the BoA have been gathering personal information on the public as part of its risk assessment process. This blatant breach of privacy is a shocking insight into the spying tactics used by the banking system. BoA has been using these tactics for a long time and have a well developed strategy for information retrieval employing military and IT contractors to provide tools and logic with powerful(exhaggerated lol) algorithms to focus unrelated data into usable info. In light of Intel gathering, we finally have a small piece of the puzzle on how they are spying on perceived "threats" while making big business moves to profit off this old technology. Is this being used for the %1 to make more profits judging on what the general public is discussing? @ChetUber, @NealRauhauser and Emick were threesomefapping to this in the bed wearing their feds clothes. @aaronbarr was sexually loved by t-asshurtmacfags lol, we bet adrian chen will say we're trolling and he'll beg for penis later for this. xD

At the bottom of the press release is further information detailing what's in the data package as well as  a one line note hinting there is more to come in part 2. The package also contains a list of keywords which BOA was using to monitor certain social media and IRC servers and a close look at that list shows keywords like YamaTough, LulzSec, Anonymous as well as many personal names, company names and some appear to be put into category. Links: - on