Last month a hacker using the handle @TN_cyberarmy who goes by the team or group name of Tunisian Cyber Army had been on a small spree of attacks on financial based websites. The attacks range from a bank in America to two master card websites being exposed as having XSS exploits in them which are still live weeks later. First there was 6 small data breaches on some bank based websites which had been posted and announced together.

#opBankUnderAttack: #tunisiancyberarmy leak db belong to 6 bank @ehackernews @cyber_war_news #tunisia — TunisianCyberArmy1(@TN_cyberarmy) February 8, 2013

Then the got its database breached and was posted and dumped on and announced via twitter. the site also appears to be offline now and the leaked data has been confirmed as real. > #AQECA and #TCA coloberation team leak 4430+ logins and pass on plane text from — TunisianCyberArmy1(@TN_cyberarmy) February 11, 2013

The XSS attacks have been on a master card and American express website, one which i already reported on here and the other is m1 amex The attacks have been carried out in the name of #opBlackSummer which is said to really kick off in the coming months but its unsure exactly what will be in target. **bank list:**1.