jtu An Anonymous supporting hacker using the handle Hacker sTz & sTz Bar has hacked a Lithuania based university and as a result over 14,000 student login credentials have been posted. The attack has happened some time in the past few days and it was announced via the hackers face book page but the leaked data was uploaded to a file sharing site as a text file. The leaked data contains well over 14,000 Student names, emails and encrypted passwords that belong to the KTU Career Center.

Career Center (KC) was founded by Kaunas University of Technology in conjunction with the Students' Council.

On the KTU career center home page it states that there is only around 3,500 active students at time of publishing so many of the leaked accounts credentials are most likely old and outdated. ktuproof Hacker Stz has been posting a few other breaches on facebook over the past few weeks many of which have no real announced target.