fox-news-logo A hacker who is known by the handle Over-X has hacked and left an official fox news website defaced. The fox news website is the official Taiwan domain ( and the defacement is in the form of a sub folder index so the main website is not effected but at time of publishing the sub folder defacement was still live. hacked-by-over-x The defacing has no real message to it and was posted by Over-X to paste bin  Its also not the first time we have seen fox news hacked and defaced and even more interesting is the face this defacement was originally archived back in November 2012 and appears to not of changed for over 5 months now. The domain is an official fox news one and is registered to them to a Taipei address which raises questions as to why this defacement has stayed around so long. The site has had two other archived attacks dating back to 2009, see here Defacement: 2012 Mirror: