weblogoUpdate: Comment from PredPol has been added to the bottom. An anonymous hacktivist has today announced a leak of source code that comes from PredPol.com, which is a policing prediction software used by many divisions of California police. The announcement has come from #Ag3ntBlack aka @OpGJResisters via twitter. > oHai #Anonymous #AntiSec #OpBigBrother please enjoy filebox.com/ctfnbztm6hcl | Full install & source code 4 #PredPol software — #Ag3ntBlack (@OpGJResisters) March 19, 2013

The announcement was has been followed by many others which have direct mentions to different accounts attached to police which appear to look more like taunts which is a common thing. The leaked source code has been uploaded to filebox.com and is a 715MB rar file that  is confirmed as not containing any nasty stuff and is said to be the complete source code for the PredPol  Technology that the LAPD use daily to predict policing and crime trends. predpol The actual leaked data when uncompressed totals 1 GB but is a mix of folders and copys of them folders in compressed files. The folders range from having complete complete copy of the Java run time environment, jre1.7.0_09 and various versions of complied and sources of PredPol predpol_1   In one of the folders is also a CA cert and other configuration files required to talk to the PredPol server for installation verification so it might appear to they now have a bigger issue at hand then just a source being leaked. Funny enough the CA Certs are issued by the Brazil government, which should really raise questions. predpol_1predpol_1 The movie in the folder named cj.mov is a informational video from the developers who are explaining some new features they want to implement to Sacramento ca that allows sharing and viewing of other districts data. The video is showing it in use as a demo and giving full detail to how it operates in which it appears to use Google maps as a base for its mapping system. predpol_0 With data like this floating around its got to have some sort of effect on policing and also proves that company's are not implementing proper security or procedures to prevent leaks of source data from software that assist in any service. At time of publishing PredPol had still not returned my request for comment., \ Update: PredPol administration has been kind to reply with the following short statement. > Other than the video, none of the files in the download are part of PredPol's prediction product at all. No sensitive data was disclosed, and the files were neither secret nor holding sensitive information. PredPol's prediction products are simple statistical analysis of data that is already publicly available. Only the time and place of past crimes are used in the predictions. What's most important about our work is the proven success in deterring crimes that affect Americans every day in many ways.