SPVM Officier Information Data Leak


It is unknown exactly how this data has been acquired


Last month on the 13th of February it would appear that some anonymous hacktivist had announced a leak of data from the SPVM. More recently this leak has come back into the light under the hash tag #SPVMLeaks on twitter over the past few days.

What is SPVM?

The Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) (French for Montreal Police Service) is the police force for the city of Montreal,Quebec, Canada and the neighboring communities in the Urban agglomeration of Montreal. With about 4,600 officers and 1,600 civilian staff, it is the second largest municipal police agency in Canada after the Toronto Police Service and second largest in the province behind the Sûreté du Québec.

Whats in the leak?

The leaked data totals about 60mb compressed and is spread across many different folders which single out different departments or sections of the leak as well as a Microsoft word document containing totaling 233 pages of officer contact information and personal names and other police related information. Data Count: 27 single officers with photos and a total of 5587 officers full details with types below. Data Types: - Full names

  • Ranks
  • User number or system ID
  • Contact telephone numbers ( land lines )
  • Contact emails.

The leak is mostly in the way of images which have been separated into folders for each officer but many are labeled as unknown. The ones that are labeled with names also appear to contain a copy of the information relating to that officer from the MS word file. - Pictures of police vehicles and number plates exposed

  • Pictures of agents who go under cover
  • Pictures of Anti-Emetue ( Anti Riot ) Officers
  • Pictures of agents from different fields such as agents, bike police, mediators.
  • Picture of a claimed unmarked police station dubbed #76

Press Release

English Below Le SPVM a continuellement tourmenté la population de Montréal en utilisant de la violence physique pour nous frapper jusqu'à la soumission, de la violence sexuel pour nous intimider et en utilisant notre ethnicité, notre orientation sexuelle, notre sexe ou nos croyance politique pour nous dominer et supprimer les voix de notre ville. Les gens ne resteront pas les bras croisé sous la pression du SPVM, le SPVM doit se soumettre à la population. Le temps est venu de reprendre le control de nos rues et de demander justice pour les gens de cette ville, de cette province et du Canada. Nous demandons une enquête publique. Ceci est un avertissement au SPVM : Nous vous surveillons, nous vous écoutons et nous enregistrons toutes les actions que vous commettez contre les personnes âgées, contre la jeunesse et contre notre terre. Nous ne tolèreront plus la violences, nous ne resterons pas silencieux pendant que vous détruisez les vie de personnes innocentes, nous ne tolèrerons plus cette état que vous soutenez. Ceci est un avertissement retenez votre violence pendant le Sommet de l’Éducation Supérieur et pendant tout autres démonstration de la résistance. Ceci est un avertissement désobéissez a vos ordres trouver la dignité pour faire la différence entre ce qui est bien et mal. Trouver le courage pour agir en conséquence. Nous vous demandons seulement d’ouvrir vos yeux à l’injustice que vous commettez, la corruption à laquelle vous participer et en quel nom vous la défendez. Ceci est votre dernier avertissement. Vous avez prit nos identités nous prenons maintenant les votre. Vous avez oubliez que vos actions sont le reflet non seulement de vous comme agent de police, mais aussi de vous en tant que personne; vous serez jugé avec ou sans votre uniforme. Sincèrement Le peuple --- The SPVM have tormented the people of Montreal continuously, using physical violence to club us into submission, using sexual violence to intimidate and dominate, using ethnicity, race, sexuality, gender and political beliefs to suppress the voices of our city. The people do not sit idly under the SPVM, the SPVM sit idly under the people. The time has come to take back our streets, to demand justice for the people of this city, of this province and of Canada. We demand a public enquiry. This is a warning to the SPVM: We are watching, we are listening and we are recording every action you commit. Against the elders, against our youth and against the land. We will not tolerate violence any longer, we will not stay quiet as you destroy the lives of innocent people, we will no longer tolerate the State you enable. This is a warning to withhold violence during the Education Summit, and any following show of resistance. This is a warning to disobey your orders, to find the dignity to know the difference between right and wrong, and the courage to act on that. We are only asking that you open your eyes to the injustice you commit, the corruption you enable and the name you are defending. This is your last warning. As you have taken our identities, we now take yours. You have forgotten your actions not only reflect onto you as a Police Officer, but also reflect on you as a person; in uniform, and outside of your uniform, you will be judged. Sincerely, The People

Lee Johnstone

Lee Johnstone

Information Security Data Analyst, Investigative Journalist, Technology Lover, Mechanic.

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SPVM Officier Information Data Leak
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