1stnblogo Today the First National Bank Texas (https://www.1stnb.com/en/) has been hit by hackers who have leaked credentials and other information online. The attacks come from  Al Qaeda electronic army and the Tunisian cyber army aka @TN_cyberarmy who have released it in the name of #Opblacksummer which is an operation that they are currently undertaking. > #prince of #AlQaeda message to first national bank in texas:close your banking service for one week or we will do it #opBlackSummer — TunisianCyberArmy1(@TN_cyberarmy) March 30, 2013

The leak was posted to anonpaste with the following message for the bank and followers of both collectives.

  • to texas bank we give you three days if you dont close your website we will delete all of your database we want you to close your online banking system for one week if you dont we will destroy it - to the followers of al qaeda and the tunisian cyber army join us and ask all your friend to join us and this leak is to make some persons close their shits by attacking us as a fake group this data is an exemple we got 190.000 users from the bank but we will not leak them as they will be leaked with the other data on 11 september 2013 when we end our operation with a great surprise to all the united state supporter - to the united state we give you the chance to leave the arabic lands and all islamic world if you keep ignoring this we will chose to start the operation but if you take all your army and stay away of islamic lands and peopel we will stop it think well you still have 8 weeks to think

The hackers have demanded that all Arabic lands be free of foreign army's and as you can see they have made it clear that within 8 weeks if things do not change (which they most likely wont) they will continue the operation. The leaked information contains customer logins with users names, email addresses and encrypted passwords and a further table contains users information with first and last names and social security numbers in clear text. The leak also contains 3 administrator and 2 MySQL login credentials with encrypted passwords.  all together it appears just over 800 customers have been affected by this breach and its a real shame to see them storing social security numbers without encryption. The bank provides a online banking system and login system for its customers so i would hope they are aware of what has happened and disable the leaked customers accounts before any harm can be done.

First National Bank Texas (FNBT), the oldest Bell County bank, dates its history back to February 27, 1901, when it opened its doors in Killeen. The same pioneering spirit that drove our success 112 years ago remains a driving force as we continue to provide for the safety and security of your financial needs.

At time of publishing the bank had still no replied to my request for comment. Also earlier today another hacker released a leak of data from usaa.com which is said to not be affiliated with the real Black Summer Operation, more information to come on this soon.