commonwealth-bank-logo Tonight a hacker group using the handle @LatinHackTeamR have announced a leak of data from the commonwealth banks united kingdom branch ( The announcement came about 2.30am Tuesday morning via twitter and the leak has been posted to anonpaste. > Commonwealth Bank of Australia DB #Leaked #LatinHackTeamReborn… @cyber_war_news @ehackernews @thehackersblog — LatinHackTeam Reborn (@LatinHackTeamR) April 1, 2013

The commonwealth bank is one of australia's largest banks and to see a breach like this happen shows just how much of a serious problem the world is facing with security. The leaked data contains 1900 email addresses, encrypted passwords and full names being leaked online. It is unsure exactly who these accounts belong to but either way it proves that they need to have a decent look into the security of customers information. combankuk The hackers are fairly well known for the defacement's they have carried out in the past with this being one of the first database leaks from them.