decellAnother leak of data that has been done in the name of opisrael today comes from a company named decell ( that is based in Delaware but has Israeli subsidiaries that deals with mobile technologies. The leak has been posted to quick and mirrored on as a pdf and contains a short bit of information about decell as well as the following message.

Now after all of this impressive introduction it is our pleasure to announce that we have managed to hack Decell servers, acquiring some highly sensitive information, including exact GPS coordinates of every City, Highway, Streets and of course every sensitive buildings located within Israel boarders! We are asking every Zionist around the world to pay careful attention to the following statement: You have a CHOICE to make, either STOP MURDERING CIVILIANS, WOMEN AND CHILDREN, STOP MASS-KILLING PALESTINIANS, STOP STEALING PALESTINIANS LAND, Or ELSE WE WILL PUBLISH MORE OF WHAT WE HAVE GOT, INCLUDING COORDINATES OF SPECIAL BUILDINGS! THEN HAMAS MISSILES WOULDN'T LAND IN DESERT OR OCEAN THIS TIME..........

The leak then contains a list of what appears to be usernames and salted passwords followed by a further message.

Special gift for CEO: Isn't this user & password familiar Col. Peri?! sa:aganoo Oh peri, peri... For now, we are only releasing 1000 encoded coordinates of most crowed places in Israeli State. In Future we will publish decoding algorithms of these coordinates. Or we could simply give it to our Hamas brothers... lulz

Which is followed by about 1000 of the said coordinates. cords At time of publishing the site was uncontactable and offline which is most likely due to its account data being leaked.