mbc_logo A few days ago the @LulzSecWiki twitter account contact me with a leak of data from the Midwest BankCentre (https://www.midwestbankcentre.com). The leak was also announced on social media via the hackers twitter account who have recently been releasing data from various websites and have adopted the well known lulzsec handle. > Midwest BankCentre Data Leak - Via @lulzsecwiki - pastebin.com/pwruVF1C — LulzSecWiki (@LulzSecWiki) April 6, 2013

The leak was published on the 6th and posted to pastebin with the follow message from the hackers.

LulzSecWiki - Greetings friends, welcome to TheLulzBoat. The the world's leader in high-quality entertainment at your expense. We come baring more security fails and personal information of company officials. Who is the target today? Simple, the banking corporations of America. This is only the simple introduction of the "TheLulzBoat Odyssey". Everyone is invited to join in this grand journey of peril, Lulz, and irony. The following leak contains SSN info and much more on companies such as: MasterCard, Wells Fargo, Enterprise, U.S. Probation Office, Edward Jones, Social Security, & many more. Enjoy.

The leaked data contains 3 server accounts with user name, host, encrypted password, 7 Loan authorization user credentials with users full name, user name and clear text passwords and 7 web administrators with real names, user name and clear text passwords. The leak also contains a small amount of client information from loans(orders) with social security numbers, names, location, addresses, contact phone numbers, income and payment information and employer details Source: pastebin.