the_times_460UPDATED: Credibility of this leak and the hackers is questionable as it has been pointed out this is duplicated data  Today a hacker from Syria has announced a leak of data that comes form one of britains and the worlds most well known and biggest news site, The Times ( wiki The leak comes from @SyriaHighFlyer who posted the data to and announced it from twitter a short time ago. > The Times Newspaper Database #Leaked… @cyber_war_news @hackread @ehackernews — Syrian High Flyers (@SyriaHighFlyers) April 26, 2013

The leak contains only a 1 line message which reads "Reason: We defend our Country to Social media liers " as well as 5231 account details of the sites users which contain usernames, email address and clear text passwords and have been stored in a database with prefixed tables of vch. ![anonpaste]( At time of publishing the @SyriaHighFlyers account had only posted a two tweets, one of which was this leak so it will be interesting to see if this follows on to be something bigger. Source: [Anonpaste](