anonymous-ataca-site-urile-politiei-italiene_size1 Anonymous hacktivist have today announced and leaked over 4 gigabyte of data from some Italian Politicians. The announcement first came from a simple pastebin post on the 24th of April titled "ANONYMOUS - MOVEMENT 5 STARS LEAK" which was a press release and a sample of what is to come. The leak has now been upload to well known leak site which states that there is more to come over the following days and that they have archived the original sample leak which was first uploaded to bayfiles but now is on the Par-anoia server. The leaked emails can be downloaded in a 4.2GB zip file named but as of time of publishing this was still downloading and only just announced. Par-anoia has stated that they have a email reader coming soon for the leaked emails and unlike in previous leaks from them they are not currently browsable. Original press release Video message: Files: English press release:

Through this action we want to focus on that is rotten at the top of the movement 5 stars. We hope to bring the members of the movement and citizens to reflect on the role of Beppe Grillo and Joseph Casaleggio. These manipulate a downward movement, the root sincere, for their personal gain. Grillo and Casaleggio enrich privately by advertising through the portal and products sold by e-commerce (both grillorama that amazon), managing the communication policy of the party from this blog private business. They were able to transform this group of people sincerely animated in policy making in their personal army of trolls, who day after day provides the economic and political power. The moment someone decides not to stand in line, were soon to dismiss it. This has happened in the past by removing unwanted comments or expulsion of members not willing to recite the pappardelle prepared by Grillo / Casaleggio. They came now even require the expulsion of a senator of the movement 5 stars, Mastrangeli Marino, who has exercised his right to freedom of expression on television. For this we entered the Casele-mail senators, senators and Deputat * Motion 5 stars. Publish a mailbox a week until our demands are not met. Since the publication of the emails, week by week, will emerge as the Deputat * and senators are slaves of 5 stars Grillo and Casaleggio, not only in a relationship of subjection logistics and politics, but also often psychological. We apologize in advance M5S with those elected for the violation of their privacy and future, inviting them to make all the necessary pressures against Grillo and Casaleggio so that they meet our legitimate demands for transparency. OUR CONDITIONS * Every week we will post the mail box of a * or * Deputat senator of 5 stars moving, for the next 6 months. * We will stop only when our demands will be met. OUR DEMANDS OF TRANSPARENCY The immediate publication of: * Income and assets of "Joseph Grillo" and "Gianroberto Casaleggio" * Detail of the revenues from the site "" and interrelated. These published data must be complete, comprehensive and articulated, retracing the earnings and assets accumulated since the start of the movement 5 stars. They will also be published in detail the income and assets of family direct and trustees (including professional Swiss canton of Ticino). First released email: Giulia Sarti - 1.2GB Video Message: Countdown release of the next email M5S: All our releases will follow on Twitter @ glihackerdelpd. Hackers of the PD We are Anonymous We are Legion EXPECT U.S.!