1er-rcp-site-officiel The official French ministry of defense website has come under attack and as a result one of its sub domains has been left defaced. The attack comes from @HBVirus1 who first announced the defacement about 12 hrs ago on twitter. > Ministère de la Défense rcp1.terre.defense.gouv.fr #Hacked #Defaced @youranonnews @eduardkovacs @ehackernews @hackread @thehackersnews — HBVirus1 (@HBVirus1) May 2, 2013

The breached site which has been left defaced is a subdomain dedicated to the (translated) "st Parachute Regiment of Chasseurs" and appears to be effecting the complete site as no other pages are accessible,hacked-by-hbvirus1 At time of publishing the defacement was still live and HBVirus1 has stated that they did it in revenge. A mirror of the defacement can be found on zone-h.org.