lookitsme-shel A British based chat and social website has become victim to hackers after its security failed to keep them out. The site named Lookitsme (https://www.lookitsme.co.uk) which appears to be a adult social and chat site which allows users to have personal gallery's, get rated by others on "looks" and have chats with others has become a target after its system was found to be insecure and a hacker using the handle @st0rmyw0rm. The leak was just announced on twitter by the hacker and posted to pastebin. > lookitsme.co.uk #Leaked ~ st0rmyw0rm! pastebin.com/ZURvEWLt @cyber_war_news @ehackernews @zer0security @hnbulletin @thehackersmedia — st0rmyw0rm▼ (@st0rmyw0rm) May 22, 2013

The data leaked is only 4294 accounts of a claimed 300,000 which the hacker says totals gigabytes in total and is unable to publish online due to this. The data contains user names, email addresses and encrypted passwords and was posted with the below message. lookitsme-co_-uk_ The site was breached due to what the hacker st0rmyw0rm has stated was a very easy to find SQL injection vulnerability and to me its surprising and good to see they practice password encryption unlike some government and education websites we have seen in the past from other hacks.