xboxlivelogoPLEASE READ UPDATES THIS IS VERY FALSE AND HAS BEEN PROVEN TO BE SO Today has been interesting to say the least, hacker @reckz0r has announced that they have gained access to Xbox Live servers and as a result credentials have been leaked. The announcement came a few hours ago from the hackers twitter account with a simple announcement which contained a link to a pastebin post with further details about the breach. twitter-reckz0r-xbox-live-owned The breach is said to of occurred and as a result a claimed thousands of Xbox live accounts may of been compromised in this breach but at time of publishing and even shortly after the main file was uploaded to the site is now offline, with no cache and no resolvable DNS. bayfiles-com-mxlookup The most well known bay files site is actually the domain and the provided accounts which were apart of the below announcement on pastebin contain 1162 duplicates out of the 4698 posted leaving 3536 not duplicated. I have also been contacted by another's who wish to remain anonymous who have stated that these accounts appear to be a part of a phishing log or phishlog and that they attempted to try some of the accounts with no luck nor were they real emails which leaves one to wonder. Anyways here is the announcement from @reckz0r's pastebin just incase it gets taken down or similar.

Today is a pretty fine fucking day, and a good day for the underground too, as I believe everything happens for a small tiny reason. Today, one of the biggest IT-companies known as Fagsoft, oh sorry, autocorrect-problems, I meant, Microsoft. They are often known as the biggest cocksuckers that history has ever witnessed. They released a faggotry-infested 1960's-machines inspired Xbox One! They said that they have created 30,000 servers just for this lovely moment. I believe, you better shut the fuck up before you get smacked the fuck up, billy. Today, Xbox Live has been brutally owned, in true-fashion. I shall not expose the vulnerability this time, as I do not want Benjamin Kuns Mejri masturbating all over my releases, oh and, Vuln-Labs, your advisories fucking suck. On the second hand, after the downfall of our well-known friends, Lulssec. sony was truly happy, sitting behind their chairs and ejaculating over pictures of Katy Perry. But I believe, that Microsoft should get a taste of some pure ownage too. I brutally owned Xbox Live a few days ago, but I decided to dump all the super-dooper precious data now. Oh and, If I get another stupid BBC-journalist talking crap on this lovely work-of-hand, thou shall be cursed. And most importanly; Microsoft, this is not a dick-sucking contest. You gotta stand the fuck up infront of cyberhackers. You seek help and therefore; You'll get owned. Lastly, Microsoft is a pest to humanity. Enjoy this lovely ownage for now. I have uploaded the entire credentials of every Xbox Live user in an nickname;email;password;joindate format, It contains nearly confidental-info on around 47 million users. size: 6.12GB These credentials given below are probably old, these are when Xbox Live was newly annouced, probably dating back from 2009's or something, the newly-created accounts and the latest-ones are in that archive.


OK so since posting this i have been tipped off to some interesting points by some people who wish to remain anonymous which lead me to actually dig deeper into this leak. 1st of all as stated above it appears the site has not been active for some time with no caches or recent DNS information to be found and is not even owned by the same people who own the official bayfiles website which is apart of the piratebay. 2nd when you play with google dorks you find all sorts of things and a interested follower has found that the above bayfiles link is related to a leak from Anonymous back in 2012 which was said to be apart of the OpIsrael hacks and leaks, but sadly this was also fake and was linked back to earlier 2012, possibly even before then but i do not have the time to waste searching over and over/ 3rd when i checked this information about the opisrael leak out i have found a few duplicate information from it leading me to believe that @reckz0r has either obtained the original leak file which was named EuroDB.txt and totalled 142MB in its raw text format or was the false claimed opisrael leak which was named Punisment_Hannibal.rar and contained pretty much the exact data from the EruoDB.txt. **4th **For some time now many have known that reckz0r has played with false data before, which false data? that i can prove but for now i must not publish anything as my sources would like to remain anonymous but i can say its some one that reckz0r has been in contact with and attempted to or has worked with in the passed who is very credible with information. 5th When i did question reckz0r about this leak, about the bayfiles domain and suspicion of the duplication's and false data i was told "You ask too many questions my friends, are you having those lovely doubts again? and I'll talk to you in a while." (see below) suspectmuch So yea for now, i advise all other media not to follow this "big leak" and to take it another way, as a false, fake and repeated fake leak from another fake leak which just makes me laugh big time. Enjoy.