monsantohome Hacker @Ag3nt47 has been at it again, this time setting sights on Monsanto United Kingdom, ( Just now the hacker has announced a leak from the sites data base in relation to the on going protests that have taken place this weekend all around the world and are said to of gained over 1 million people in many different country's standing up and speaking out against Monsanto's on going food modification programs which have affected many well known brands. The leak was announced from Ag3nt47's twitter account and aimed right at the United Kingdoms main website and sadly was carried out by a simple injection which proves the site has lack of security and they are not caring that they are in the eyes of the worlds activist and now once again hacktivist. > Monsanto Hacked By Ag3nt47 UK Website### @truthizsexy @cyber_war_news Leak… — Ag3ηт47 ♣ sнα∂σωcяεω (@Ag3nt47) May 26, 2013

The data is in the format of a raw sql extraction of what appears to be the sites complete database including all site and article related information as well as backend and administration based information and emails sent from the sites database and the  basic credentials of those who are supporting and sending these emails. The leak has been uploaded to anonpaste and cwn has been provided with a proof of concept of the vulnerability but has chosen not to publish the vuln. Its not the firs time we have seen leaks from this company with them dating back to 2011 from the American based server that leaked 2500 personal details of workers for Monsanto.