exarmy Once again @Ag3nt47 has been at it again, taking sights to a United Kingdom business this time dumping a small bit of data. The breach was aimed at The EX ARMY UK (https://army-uk.info/) who supply used military vehicles and other equipment to the general public, companies and private sectors from around the world. > We are major suppliers worldwide to the construction and mining industries, utility companies, public and private sector companies. We offer the same specialized service to Government departments and International Aid Agencies, as those offered to the private landowner buyer. more

The leak  has been announced from Ag3nt47's twitter account and been posted to anonpaste.me and mirrored on pastebin.com with first a tweet that gave insight to what was coming. > Supplying war weapons? Hmmmmmm nice data. Leak coming soon...... — ✠ Ag3ηт47 ✠ (@Ag3nt47) May 28, 2013

ARMY UK Military Vehicle Supplier Hacked By Ag3nt47Target: army-uk.info#Leak: pastebin.com/uGWgSUtb or anonpaste.me/anonpaste2/ind… — ✠ Ag3ηт47 ✠ (@Ag3nt47) May 28, 2013

The leak contains 1 administrator account with user name and password and the rest of the information is from the sites comments, article posting and tracking system for users and people making comments. The leak comes int he format of a raw SQL extraction which we have seen commonly from this hacker. As Ag3nt47 has stated the site appears to be supplying the world with ex military based machines which of reused for their original purpose could pose a threat to the general public or worse be used by terrorist groups and alike.