ptc_front_page_cwn A hacker using the handle @st0rmyw0rm has today posted a breach from a software development company Parametric Technology Corporation ( PTC is a US based business which develops, markets and supplies software in the development field. >  Its main products are for CAD/CAM, engineering calculations, and product lifecycle management. Its customers include companies in manufacturing, publishing, services, government and life sciences industries. PTC is listed in the S&P Midcap 400. It is also in the Russell 2000 index. Its tagline is "Product And Service Advantage" from wikipedia

The breach was announced on the 29th of may 2013 from the hackers main twitter account and has been posted to pastebin in the format of a SQLi extraction format he sites database st0rmyw0rm-parametric-technology The leaked information from the breach totals 2000 accounts of which 1753 are found to be non duplicated. Some of the accounts are also incomplete without full credentials. ptc-com-leaked-pastebin-com_   The rest of the accounts have usernames which appear to be users first and last name connected with a "." ie: Other credentials include email addresses and encrypted passwords. st0rmyw0rm is a collective of hackers who are not apart of Anonymous except one of their members who is a well known anonymous hacktivist. CWN has been alerted to further incoming leaks from other breaches today which should be published by the hackers soon.