beypazari A hacker collective who uses the handle @st0rmyw0rm has just announced a leak from a Turkish government website. The leak is in relation to the on going protests that police have turned in to what looks like a war zone in Istanbul over night. The site that has been attacked is Beypazari State Hospital site ( and the data leak was announced from the hackers main twitter account just a short time ago and posted to > #LEAKED ~ #OpTurkey #OccupyGezi #DirenGeziPark ~ @YourAnonNews @Cyber_War_News @57UN #RT #RT — st0rmyw0rm▼ (@st0rmyw0rm) May 31, 2013

Leak contains 27 administrator user names and IP addresses as well as encrypted passwords and a 105 of user accounts with users first and last names and encrypted passwords. Many of the accounts are duplicated. Follow the #OccupyGezi hash tag on twitter for more upcoming events.