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rothamsted At the start of June a hacker using the handle Nairb had dumped a leak of information from Rothamsted Research. Back then at the time OpMonsanto was in full swing with global protests around the world which were aimed right at the research company's like Rothamsted Research conduct. The leak of information was dumped as an compressed file which did not liked to be opened on windows so Linux came to the rescue, solving that little problem. after opening the compressed file i found that 1 main folder and 2 other files, 1 which discloses the vulnerability  and the other a full report of the extracted data. In the folder was 7 further folders each with anywhere between 2 to 30+ XLS files. Each folder represents a different database table. folders While researching this data i have come across confirming data and information that tests and experiments have been carried out all around the world on the follow products since the early 90's and most likely before that to. - oilseeds

  • potatos
  • barely
  • wheat
  • sugar beets

After going over all the information i have found 1481 user and administrator credentials most of which are just user names and encrypted passwords but some have other credentials. The system was using open sources systems like wordpress and phpbb2 for blogs and forums. ### Gallery

### Data leak information

**Folder: **cdenholm File: Resistance2011Registration.xls Info: personal information with user names, real names, contacts, addresses and registreation details. **Folder:**183 **Folder: **enduauth **File: **user.xls **Info: **user credentials with user names and encrypted passwords ****Folder: ****111 **File: **user20Oct2010.xls **Info: **user credentials with user names and encrypted passwords **Folder: **528 **Folder: **enduvl **File: **userVL.xls **Info: **user credentials with user names and encrypted passwords **Folder: **556 **Folder: **phpbb2 **File: **phpbb_users.xls **Info: **full user credentials with full names, emails and encrypted passwords **Folder: **95 Folder: wordpress **File: **lime_users.xls **Info: **administration credentials with full names, user names, email addresses and encrypted passwords **Folder: **2 **File: **wp_users.xls **Info: **user names, email addresses and encrypted passwords **Folder: **6

Lee Johnstone

Lee Johnstone

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