newbannerblackhec1 Hackers using the handle Hackers sTz have contacted us with a leak of data from the Pakistan Higher Education Commission Website ( The attack which is in the name of #OpIslam which appears to be a new operation by hacktivist around the world. #OpIslam was kicked off just a very short time ago and even has its own website ( which contains the press release video for this operation. Hackers involved in this operation are ZionOps (youtube), AnonGhost and Hackers sTz. The leaked data from the Pakistan Higher Education Commission has been posted to pastebin with a index of links which link to two further files, 1 clear text and 1 rich text file on two different file hosts.

48000 users Hacked text text text rtf text rtf

The files contain Thousands of email addresses, user names and clear text passwords for students with 21667 found to not be duplicate. The leak only appears to  be a partial of the complete database with records stopping at A and being listed in Alphabetical order. hexfiles Press release

Greetings hactivists and people of the world. We are sending this message to appeal to the tired and downtrodden people who oppose radical islam over the whole Earth. We are calling on everyone, from the Philippines to Michigan, to Toronto, to London, and Sweden to make their opposition to the tyranny of Islam known and heard. Recently radical islamists have started waging full scale jihad through disrupting internet services and sites belonging to people they disagree with, hate, or want to do harm to. We call on people to fight this Islamic cyber jihad. On July the 26th an operation to combat this cyber terrorism will be launched. The operation, named opislam, will begin. This operation is not against all muslims, just the terrorists who always uses their religion to justify their actions. Our self-defense, and retaliation was not something we decided on quickly. We reluctantly fight a battle we did not start. Though this is not a conflict of our choice, we will fight on our terms, not the enemy's terms. We are making a stand because our conscience tells us we have to. We fight back because we are tired of watching our people being murdered, children rapped and abused, and tired of the incessant attempts of the quote moderate end quote muslims to impose sharia law via ballot boxes and censoring everyone who dares to talk about their action and what is really going on. In Europe whole cities go up in flames and the western media won't say a word about it. They are either complicate propagandists or scared of winding up like the unfortunate young man in London. As recent events in the United Kingdom have demonstrated, the broad daylight terrorism which once was the sole providence of the middle east has spread to your streets, in your capitals and your very front yards. Radical islam is not hard to spot in the world, it's the abu saif Islamic terrorist group making trouble in the Philippines, Islamic groups in the America's attacking people who speak out against them, and the Islamic youth in Europe who seem to riot monthly now. How much worse does it have to get before sane people say enough? Our grievances with radical islam and moderate islam are as follows. Moderate islam seems incapable or unwilling to police the extreme members of their society. Radical islam seeks world domination either through willing conversion or at the end of a sword. Radical islamists brazenly commit brutal acts of barbarism like decapitating someone with kitchen knives and then claims to be victims. It is not westerners that gives them a bad name, its the criminals that terrorize and murder innocent people in the name of their religion, islam, that gives their society a bad reputation. Acting like savage marauders from the dark ages in today's civilization is unacceptable. Attempting to set in place and enforce a draconian legal system from a few thousand years ago is unacceptable. Waging asymmetric warfare, hiding behind women and children, crying about being a victim while brutally murdering people in cold blood is unacceptable. ....... While western governments seem to have surrendered to the madness, the citizens of the west do not have to surrender along also. Getting mad at people who kill your citizens in barbaric fashion is not a crime. Having issues with people who share the same goals as the murderers is also not a crime. Talking about the people who kill your fellow citizens, terrorize your society, and prey on your children should not be a crime. Arresting a pregnant woman for holding her nation's flag in her nation's capital is just a crying shame, and should be a crime. ....... Islamic fundamentalists hide themselves and their weapons of terrorism behind their own women and children in the Middle East. Islamic radicals and the people who share their goals hide behind their religion, government enforced censorship, and intellectually dishonest arguments in the west. Their actions across the globe from the Abu Saif in the Philippines, to the honor killings and harassment of decent citizens in North America, to the barbaric killing of people all over Europe and burning their towns to the ground has spoken for them.