Back in January i did a story on a leak that was claimed to be from britam defence. Since then the story has gone down some shady paths with daily mail being sued by britam defence to removed an article relating to the incident, infowars also picked up the story and has now recently removed this as well. The main reason behind all this is a lot of people are calling it out as a fake or doctored leak aimed at causing trouble and it appears that is exactly what it has done. There was emails with talks of chemical  warfare and with the recent incidents in Syria it came back into light leaving many new people asking about this data and if its true or not. I have had a independent 3rd party do an analysis on the data from the leak and the overall results come down to this leak was doctored with reasons why listed below. also yes i should have done this along time ago but the public had decided this was fake so i did not go any further. Email headers do not match up, which goes with what everyone was saying for a long time now. to be more exact the time stamps are misleading and appear to of been copy and pasted. So there, its classed as fake, the report and articles will stay published as an archive.