images Today hacker collective Level 7 Crew (@Level7Crew) has announced an upcoming attack on Skype who for some time now has been spying on its users. The announcement has been posted to pastebin and states that on the 15th of this month they will start to attack Skype but have no disclose what these attacks might be although they have asked for people to send in pictures of account closures. The attacks are being carried out in retaliation to Skype alleged working along side the NSA and spying on its users. Message:

Dear Skype and its customers, and our friends around the globe, This is an official message from Anonymous and Level7Crew. In recent weeks, we've found ourselves outraged about Skype and other businesses like Microsoft, Facebook, We have Announced the Attack on it self for spying on it's users to give data to NSA and allowing it to go on so Join us in the attacks and fight to stop them spying on us. Join us in our latest operation against Skype - tweet pictures of your account closure, tell us on IRC, spread the word. Anonymous & Level7Crew has become a powerful channel of information, and unlike the governments of the world, we are here to fight for you. Always Date: 15/11/2013 UK Time: 7:13PM Meeting at:7:13PM IRC: Signed, your allies, Anonymous (unknown) Level7Crew (untouchable) Hashtags #OPSkype #AnonOps #Level7Crew