OpUkraine kicked off by r00tsecurity

A group of hackers who call themselves r00ts3curity or #r00ts3c have started attacking Ukraine based websites and leaking data. The attacks appear to be apart of a new operation #OpUkraine and r00tsecurity is made up of a few already known hackers such as @Goons3c. So far they have managed to attack four sites and leak data from each. The sites attacked so far are the Kharkiv Regional Universal Scientific Library (www.library.kharkov.ua), a free nude pictures site (https://sex.dp.ua/), Dentistry Of Sevastopol (www.vityaz.in.ua) which is offline at time of publishing and the Centre for receiving and processing specific information and control (dzz.gov.ua) Breach statistics

  • dzz.gov.ua 1 admin account with user name and encrypted password.
  • www.vityaz.in.ua 2 admin accounts with user names and encrypted passwords
  • www.library.kharkov.ua 10 accounts leaked with user names and encrypted passwords
  • sex.dp.ua 1,504 user email addresses and user names. 1 admin account with user name and clear text password.

The first two leaks got uploaded to Goons3c pastebin account and the rest have been uploaded to r00ts3curitys pastebin account which i have been told will have many more to come over the coming weeks. You can also see a paste by r00tsec posted on the first which announces who they are and who the members are.

Lee Johnstone

Lee Johnstone

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