skype_5 Today the Syrian Electronic Army who started of 2014 with a bang with Skype. The incident appears to be isolated to a single bloggers account for Skype, Shana Pearlman aka @ShanaBP who is the content marketing manager at Skype ( Twitter user @Ihazcandy has pointed out a interesting fact that the tweets used to announce the breach via Skype was from sprinklr, a community management service which has a form of account sharing so a community of people can access and use a single social media account at once. The question here is did Shana reuse a password or fall for phishing or similar. The breach so far has left 2 posts on the Skype blog and 2 tweets from the Skype twitter account @Skype with the last tweet stating that more soon. Gallery of blog posts and tweets. At time of publishing it appears the Skype team is on to the situation as the blog is now redirecting the home page. Keep an eye on @Official_SEA16 and @Skype for any further activity.