mmmooo Today a group of hackers going by the name hitlersec have been announcing some breaches and one of the is MMMOOO ( MMMOOO is a website owned and operated by Shanghai Jibiao Info Tech Co., Ltd, and is a mobile phone application aimed at the Chinese market. sites matrix and MMMOOO brand are hosted by Shanghai Jibiao Info Tech Co., Ltd., a company powered by a passionate and planed team. We have the eligible licence of ICP and SP(HU B2-20060048) in China.

The hackers have uploaded a 17 part leak to pastebin as well as a further single paste. The single leak contains 616 Paypal email addresses, full names, encrypted passwords and user email addresses. mmmooo_example_paypal The 17 part leak is what appears to be a user data base with user id, email addresses and encrypted passwords totaling 85,753. mmmooo_example Recently the same hackers also leaked data from with over 3,000 accounts being leaked.