mit Today anonymous hacktivist have breached MIT servers and left a small note on one of its sites. This breach is in light of exactly 12 months since Aaron Swartz passed away and has been carried out in part of #OpLastresort which has been on going for some time now. The breach was carried out on a MIT sub domain for the Cogeneration Project

The MIT Cogeneration Project represents a ten year, forty million dollar initiative by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to generate its own electrical and thermal power.

The MIT site now has a link on the site leads to The day We Fight Back ( which is an event set for the 11th of February 2014 as well as the common anonymous message with a slight twist "WE NEVER FORGET, WE NEVER SURRENDER, EXPECT US". The breach was announced from the @OplastResort twitter account and Other anonymous accounts have been paying tribute to Aaron and the JSTOR torrent is still being seeded and shared keeping Aaron's legacy alive. The Day We Fight Back has also created a decent press release which really needs to be seen by all to fully understand what they are doing and what they are fighting for. See the full release here. Its also 12 months on since the first breach on MIT servers as a tribute to Aaron. Remember keep Aaron's legacy alive, never forget him or what he has done. R.I.P. Aaron Swartz.