On Saturday 8th of February, Anonymous Italy initiated #opCannabis, in order to show their support for the demonstration for cannabis legislation reform held that day in Rome, calling for an end to cannabis prohibition and the persecution of users and growers. The first attack started on the 8th and targeted the website of the Italian drug czar Giovanni Serpelloni - www.giovanniserpelloni.it . The site was defaced, although it now appears offline. His website was breached and it's contents dumped; the db was also completely wiped so that the names of known drug users were completely lost to the authorities. His personal email account was also used to send emails to various anti-prohibition organizations as a show of support, as well as signing him up to pro-legalization petitions on change.org. His info was also used to buy bongs and a Bob Marley banners. His cellphone number also was shared, with an invitation for users to send their disapproval regarding his policies via free sms services. After this, the site for the Ministry of Health - salute.gov.it - was attacked and forced off the internets and still appears to be down as of today. The 1mb dump contains data regarding public and private hospitals  such as budgets and spending reports. Lastly, the national website for drug policy www.dronet.org and the government site for anti-drug information droganograzie.it were attacked and also had their databases dumped, as well as users' emails  leaked on the web. These 2 dumps contain the more sensitive information of all the dumps, such as data regarding patients of public drug rehab centers, including whether they are HIV postive or not. Obviously the names were removed before the dumps were made, but they also bring light to the sorry state sensitive data is handled by the state in Italy. The attacks seem to be ongoing at the time of writing. Leaks giovanniserpelloni.it  & dronet.org (private emails): https://www.sendspace.com/file/k1rd9g Dump droganograzie.it (private accounts and user info): https://www.sendspace.com/file/16z7jp Dump salute.it (db dump): https://www.sendspace.com/file/bisxp4 Official Anonymous Italia blog post/press release: https://www.anon-news.blogspot.it/2014/02/opcannabis-serpelloniit-defaced-email.html